For a happy life

A film by Dimitri Linder et Salima Glamine, 2017

Genre: Drama

Language: French & Ourdou

Subtitles: French

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: xxx

Countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France

Year: 2017



Brussels, 2018. Amel and Mashir, 17 and 22 years old, live a secret love story that, under the weight of family traditions, brutally threatens to collapse. Without breaking the balance of those around them, the two lovers will try to save their relationship.



Directors: Dimitri Linder et Salima Glamine
Screenplay: Dimitri Linder et Salima Glamine
Image: Joachim Philippe

Sound: Marc Thill

Decors: Laurie Colson

Costumes: Magdalena Labuz

Make-up: Claudine Moureaud
Editing: Mathieu Toulemonde
Cast:  Sofia Lesaffre, Zeerak Christopher, Pascal Elbé, Atiya Rashid, Arsha Iqbal
Produced by Joseph Rouschop, Valérie Bournonville (Tarantula Belgique) and Donato Rotunno, Elise André (Tarantula Luxembourg)



After having successfully explored acting, Dimitri Linder became a stage manager for Benoît Mariage, Costa Gavras and Catherine Corsini. Very quickly, he collaborates with directors such as Bouli Lanners and Joachim Lafosse as an assistant director. In 2012, he directs «After 3 minutes», his first short film, co-written with Salima Glamine.


With her acting background, Salima Glamine performed in feature films such as «Fragil(e)» by Martin Valente Valentin and «Ma Place au Soleil» by Éric de Montalier, but also in television feature films including «Tata Bakhta» by Merzak Allouache.