I will cross tomorrow

A film by Sepideh Farsi, 2019

Genre: Drame

Langues: Grec, Anglais, Arabe

Sous-titres: anglais ou français

Format: HD

Son: 5.1

Durée: 90 min

Pays: France, Luxembourg, Grèce

Année: 2019



The lives of Mary, Greek policeman and single mother, and Yussof, a young Syrian who fled the war in order not to become a murderer, cross each other in Greece. Greece looks like a safe haven, but in reality isn’t. Who is most free? The person who fled war or the person who grew up in a free world?



Director: Sepideh Farsi

Screenplay: Sepideh Farsi et Youla Boudali

Image: Pantelis Mantzanas
Sound: Gerben Kokmeijer
Costumes: Mayou Trikerioti
Decors: Spiros Laskaris
Editing: Bonita Papastathi

Music: Erik Truffaz


Cast: Marisha Triantafyllidou, Hanna Issa, Dimitra Mavropodi, Lydia Fotopoulou


Produced by Thierry Lenouvel (Ciné-Sud Promotion), Karabinis Panos (Pan Entertainment), Donato Rotunno & Elise André (Tarantula Luxembourg), Denis Vaslin (Volya Films).



Born in Tehran, Sepideh Farsi moved to Paris to study mathematics, but soon drifted towards cinema. After some short films, her documentary “HOMI SETHNA, FILMMAKER” won several awards. Followed by “HARAT” and “TEHRAN WITHOUT PERMISSION”, that both premiered in Locarno. Her first two features DREAMS OF DUST and THE GAZE premiered in Rotterdam. She then directed THE HOUSE UNDER THE WATER, followed by RED ROSE, premiere in TIFF 2014, followed by DESPO, LABROS, SPYRIDOULA & PAPANDREOU. Her last documentary 7 VEILS won the Grand Prix de la Compétiton Française in FID Marseille (2017).