Mos Stellarium

A film by Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron, 2015

Genre: Documentary

Languages: French, German

Subtitles: Luxembourgish / French / English

Format: 1.85

Sound: 5.1 / Stéréo

Running time: 52 min

Countries: Luxembourg

Year: 2015




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Six young refugees talk about their escapes and trips, as well as the new problems they encounter in Luxembourg.


Mos Stellarium is a poetic documentary about Dzemil, Milena, Anna, Yunus, Rijad and Eko. In all intimacy, they tell their stories as young refugees. Attached to the travelled landscapes and all the encounters, the memories look back at these strange journey and turn to the future. It is, in a way, the human existence in a universal sense.


Like mysterious maps of constellations, their journeys began in Afghanistan, Syria, Kosovo or Montenegro. They headed to Europe, Luxembourg in particular, and their destinies turn them into young adults by accident, but full of dignity nonetheless.



Directors: Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron

DOP: Jako Raybaut

Sound mix : Loïc Collignon

Editing: Félix Sorger

Music: Nima Azarmgin


Produced by Tarantula Luxembourg


Internationales sales: Tarantula Distribution


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Human Rights Film Days (Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey)

Silk Road Film Festival (Dublin, Irland)

One World Romania (Bucharest, Romania)

European Film Weeks (Helsinki, Finland)

European Union Film Festival (Québec, Canada)



Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron form an artist duo and both work as teachers. Karolina Markiewicz is also an independant art critic.


Since 2013, they work together on several projects, including, a blog with interviews about artistic creation with persons from various fields (cinema, theater, music, dance…etc.). Their first collaboration was the creation of an exhibition for AICA Luxembourg : Everybody should have the right to die in an expensive car (2013-2014). Currently they present a new exhibition Some people cried, some people laughed, most people were silent at Neimënster in Luxembourg, where they are also preparing a theatre play: Philoktet by Heiner Müller/Sophocles.
They directed a first documentary in 2014: Les Formidables, which was shown at Rencontres Internationales in Paris (2014) and Berlin (2015). Mos Stellarium is their second movie.


A video installation with extracts of Mos Stellarium is currently shown at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz, and will be part of The Silver Lining, a collateral event of the Biennale of contemporary art in Venice.





“The piercing honesty of their experiences purges any myths or clichés regarding the refugee issue, an issue that’s all too often, heavily laden in misconceptions. (…) Through this cinematic tapestry of personal stories, we’re given an enriched understanding of the European refugee crisis. An issue which in all truth has ballooned in the last year with the Syrian Refugee crisis, becoming a much more pressing issue now, than ever before in recent history.”

Michael Lee / Silk Road Film Festival