A film by Alexander "Sander" Burger, 2022

Genre: Family

Languages: Dutch and English

Sous-titres: English / French

Format: H.D

Sound: 5.1

Duration: 90 min

Countries: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany.

Year: 2022



Ama, the daughter of Senegalese asylum seekers, feels completely Dutch. When Ama’s mother and brother are arrested, Ama sets off in search of her father through Rotterdam in the middle of winter, hoping to avoid deportation. During this frightening and exciting journey, she discovers her roots, thanks in part to her extraordinary totem animal: a gigantic porcupine.



Director: Alexander “Sander” Burger

Script: Sander Burger and Bastiaan Tichler


Produced by Volya Films (NL), Tarantula Luxembourg, Leitwolf Filmproduktion (DE).



Sander Burger (1975) graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2001. Burger has written and directed several documentaries and (short) films. His feature “Hunting & Sons” was nominated for two Golden Calfs (the Dutch national film awards) in 2010 and was selected for a great number of international festivals. In 2015 he made the feature length documentary “Alice Cares” which won several international prizes and got an international release in cinemas worldwide. In September 2021 his latest feature “The Judgement” was released. The film was nominated for eleven Golden Calfs and won four: Best script (Sander Burger), Best leading actor, Best supporting actor and Best Film.